Obtaining a Public Defender

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Public Defense Services (Chapter 10.101 RCW)

Persons charged with a criminal, jailable offense may be eligible for a public defender, if they qualify financially.

Upon a finding of indigency, your case will be assigned to a public defender who will contact you.

A list of the City's public defenders is provided below.

If you have concerns, contact the attorney's firm and ask for the managing partner. If your concern has not been addressed, call Nick Gerde as (509) 884-9515.

Yedinak, Nick

  • Departments:Public Defenders
  • Title:Public Defender
  • Phone:(509) 667-8667
  • Email:

The City contracts with Kottkamp & Yedinak, P.S. and the Law Office of Tony DiTommaso to provide public defenders in the East Wenatchee Municipal Court.

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