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East Wenatchee roads due for 2016 fall repaving

East Wenatchee roads due for fall repaving

by Pete O'Cain

July 6, 2016, 10:02 a.m.


Project locations

11th Street N.E.: Valley Mall Parkway to Baker Avenue

19th Street N.E.: Highway 28 to Eastmont Avenue

9th Street N.E: North Iowa Street to North Jennifer Street

North Iowa Street: 8th Street N.E. to 10th Street N.E.

North Grover Place: 10th Street N.E. to France Street

2nd Street N.E.: Eastmont Avenue to street end

Rolf’s Court: Eastmont Avenue to Rolf’s Place

Rolf’s Place: Eastmont Avenue to Rolf’s Court

4th Street N.E.: Eastmont Avenue to 3rd Street N.E.

Colby Court: 9th Street N.E. to Colorado Street

Darwood Street: 6th Street N.E. to 5th Street N.E.


EAST WENATCHEE — Ten city streets are slated for a fresh coat of asphalt this year.

The city received a grant from the state Transportation Improvement Board to repave 19th Street from Highway 28 to Eastmont Avenue and 11th Street from Valley Mall Parkway to Baker Avenue.

Using the same grant, the city will also repave portions of eight other streets: 2nd Street N.E., Rolf’s Court, Rolf’s Place, 4th Street N.E., Colby Court, Darwood Street, 9th Street N.E., N. Iowa Avenue and N. Grover Street.

Yakima-based engineers Gray & Osborne Inc. will design the project.

“And their timeframe is that they’ll have this thing under contract and it’ll be paved in late September, early October,” said City Engineer Greg Pezoldt.

Over 90 percent of the project will come from sources other than the city’s general fund.

The 11th Street and 19th Street projects will cost $632,500, with $569,250 paid for by a Transportation Improvement Board grant.

The eight other streets are funded in full by about $387,000 of Transportation Benefit District fees, perhaps better known as the $20 car tab fee. Three of the streets — 9th, Iowa and Grover Place — are projects carried over from 2015.

In total, the projects will cost over $1 million with $63,250 coming out of the city’s pocket.

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